Fancy a change?

Take a look at our seasonal colour trends…


Love all things denim? Us too!

Then you’ll be happy to know that this fashion staple has found its way into the hair world, becoming one of the hottest summer hair colours to sport.  From darker indigos to soft pastel blues, even our art director Shannon is rocking the denim look!


When you mix orange and blonde hair together, you get the dreamiest hue ever, Blorange!

Mix red and blonde together and that love child is Rose Gold!

We love the chic yet playful nature of these warm summer colours so much that Megan and Chelsea are just a delicious as these colours sound!


Can’t decide between going blonde or brown? Well don’t pick sides, merge them together and opt for bronde!

This stylish, sunny colour is an A-List favourite, the perfect choice for newbies to hair colour and flatters just about everyone.

Need more convincing? Here’s 5 celebs that will make you want to go ‘bronde’ asap!