Many moons ago most wanna be Hairdressers would go down the traditional route of the local college as their training ground or maybe an apprenticeship with a day at college and the other days in a salon.  These days it’s becoming more popular to receive all their training in salon and at Headmasters this is the route we have chosen with our apprentices.

Training is extremely important to us and we feel that having it in salon means they get a better all rounded education. We invest a lot of time each week in to making sure our apprentices are receiving a high quality of training, insuring they are up to date on the latest techniques and trends.  In order to do this we first have to make sure our qualified stylists are up to date and are.  All the stylist at Headmasters are expected to and have access to the latest training courses.  All the stylists are also involved in the training of our apprentices, this way it gives them a good foundation of hairdressing skills.

As well as doing a lot of the training myself  I am also a qualified assessor.  This means our apprentices can be assessed in salon and I can be sure that they are meeting their targets and achieving the high standards we expect.  We are also fortunate to be able to tap in to other training sources, such as training from La Biostetique and UKTD.

We expect our apprentices to be passionate, talented, hardworking and eager to succeed and we are very lucky that that is exactly what we have.  And its an absolute pleasure to work with them and watch them develop and grow.

To get the best way for any stylist to learn is on real clients. We have several training sessions a week and are always looking for clients for them.  If you fancy helping us create the next Vidal Sassoon or Lee Stafford, feel free to drop in or give us a call

Abi Levi x